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I like helping the ones who really need the extra attention.

You could consider myself a dedicated family man with no family anymore. You see for the pass several years I cared for my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. From 2006 to her passing in 2014, I made sure she was comfortable and secure. Anyone who has dealt with this terrible disease knows the how paranoid with their perception of life being distorted. Only someone close with years of contact could she remember and communicate with. So I resigned my job and used what savings I had to care for her till her dying days. After that part of my life was over, I decided to move to Missouri! It's great to be out of California. I'm enjoying and learning so much out here.
In my early years I worked as a cabinet maker, construction laborer and machinist. Plus building one house and rebuilding another that I occupied. I had a little help. Now I'm a real estate agent who knows how houses are built. Now every agent has gone through the schooling to be an agent. Not all know how a house is built or the certain issues that come back to haunt homeowners. I believe I have a unique touch to the real estate agent. With todays market and me being from California where the market is too expensive for the normal family, I know I can give my all to help the first time buyers or the ones in need of special attention in selling their home for the best results possible.
I hope to acquire a new feel for a winning baseball team. The San Diego Padres have made it easy to root for a winner. I'm not sure how to react to hockey since San Diego is not a hockey town. But we have one thing in common is that both football teams left for greener pastures. The heck with football, go Blues!

Tom Scarbrough
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Phone: 314-812-2565

Tom Scarbrough

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